7 Benefits of AR Automation for IT Services Companies

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Implementing accounts receivable automation is like upgrading from slow Wi-Fi to a fast, reliable fiber-optic connection. It revamps traditional receivables management to send invoices more quickly, track them with more accuracy, and get more electronic payments right on time. 

This automation keeps cash flow smooth and predictable, like a backup generator that always keeps the power on. By adopting AR automation, you give your company's working capital a boost, making sure you never miss a beat. It's a simple way to streamline your business and stay ahead in a competitive field.

Setting Up the Server: What is Accounts Receivable Automation in IT Services?

Accounts receivable (AR) automation acts as the digital backbone of your receivables management. Just as cutting-edge technology has transformed the tech industry, AR automation has revolutionized how companies handle client payments.

By automating invoicing, payment reminders, and collections, accounts receivable automation software enables IT services companies to focus on serving their customers better rather than chasing them for payments. This leads to more streamlined operations, fewer errors, and enhanced cash flow.

7 Key Benefits of AR Automation for IT Services Companies

Accounts receivable (AR) automation has become a game-changer for IT services and technical service firms. Let's explore why adopting this technology could be the best move for your finance team.

1. Faster Invoicing, Quicker Payments

AR automation tackles the industry's notorious payment delays, with an average days sales outstanding (DSO) of 68 days. By streamlining invoicing, it speeds up the entire payment cycle, so your business sees cash flowing in much sooner.

2. Improved Cash Flow

AR automation has been shown to reduce DSO by about 32%. That means more money to invest in your projects, hire top talent, and scale your operations. With 81% of IT service firms experiencing late payments, this boost in cash flow can be transformative.

3. Accurate Financial Data

Manual data entry often leads to costly errors. AR automation eliminates this risk by ensuring your financial data is consistent and accurate. This precision is crucial when managing large budgets and planning for future expenses.

4. Efficiency Gains

When you automate repetitive financial tasks, you free up valuable resources and time. Your team can focus on delivering projects and improving operations, boosting productivity across the board.

5. Improved Compliance and Security

AR automation is built with compliance and security in mind. It helps ensure that your financial data stays secure and meets industry regulations. This layer of protection is vital when handling sensitive information and following strict compliance standards.

6. Stronger Client Relationships

Accurate and timely billing goes a long way in building client trust. With fewer disputes over invoices, you can strengthen your relationships with clients and establish a solid reputation for reliability.

7. Real-Time Insights

AR automation provides instant access to financial data, allowing you to make informed decisions on the fly. This capability enhances budget control, resource allocation, and overall strategic planning, giving you a competitive edge.

With these seven benefits, it's clear that AR automation can revolutionize how technical services companies manage their finances. By adopting this technology, you can streamline operations, strengthen client relationships, and drive your business toward success.

Use our free ROI calculator and see how much money you can save with AR automation. 

Centime’s AR Automation for IT Services Companies

Technical services companies thrive on efficiency and adaptability. Yet, the industry's high days sales outstanding (DSO) and frequent late payments can create significant cash flow challenges. 

Centime's AR automation is used by top-performing technical services companies like Trustpoint One, Clearwater Compliance, CyberMaxx, and ProArch. It's a comprehensive solution that helps finance teams overcome these obstacles, allowing them to focus on what they do best: driving innovation and strategic growth for their customers. 

Here's why Centime's AR automation is a game-changer for technical services companies:

  • Fully Automated Collections: Centime's AR automation fully automates the collections process, significantly reducing DSO. Given that this industry has an average DSO of 68 days, with 81% of companies getting paid late, this can be a major relief. By streamlining collections, Centime ensures faster payments, boosting your cash flow.
  • Seamless Embedded Integration: Centime integrates effortlessly with your existing accounting system, whether it's NetSuite, Sage Intacct, or QuickBooks. The embedded integration ensures a smooth, bi-directional sync, making AR automation incredibly convenient and easy to use. This level of integration reduces friction and streamlines your workflow, allowing your team to stay productive and focused.
  • Competitive Edge for Early Adopters: Technical services companies are known for embracing digital transformation. Centime's AR automation enables these forward-thinking teams to maximize efficiency by automating tedious manual processes. With optimized billing and collections, finance teams can focus on more strategic projects that drive business growth.
  • Full Cash Management Suite: Centime isn't just about AR; it's a full cash management suite. It includes accounts payable (AP), forecasting, and working capital management, all in one platform. This holistic approach means you can manage your finances with a single system, reducing the need to juggle multiple tools and ensuring a consistent source of truth for your data.

With Centime's AR automation, technical services companies gain a powerful tool to manage collections, improve cash flow, and stay ahead of the curve. It's a solution designed to meet the unique needs of an industry where speed and efficiency matter most. Click the banner below to try Centime for free. 

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