Top 5 AP Automation Software for NetSuite

Everything you need to know about the best accounts payable automation solutions for Oracle NetSuite users, including the pros, cons, and pricing for each platform.

Welcome to our guide to selecting the best Accounts Payable (AP) automation software for NetSuite users. In this guide, you'll discover:

  • The ins and outs of AP automation and how it helps streamline payables for finance teams that use NetSuite.
  • The pros and cons of the top 5 AP automation software for NetSuite users.  
  • Proven strategies to help you choose the best AP automation vendor for your team.

The Ins and Outs of Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

Before we dive into the top AP automation software for NetSuite users, we'll start with a brief overview of AP automation and its benefits. 

AP is all about paying your business bills on time, most often to suppliers. Getting AP right is crucial because it affects multiple pieces of your business, including your cash flow and vendor relationships. While it may seem straightforward, managing AP can get especially tricky as your monthly invoice volume grows. 

Here's a breakdown of what makes AP management such a juggling act:

  • Balancing time-consuming, manual processes: Managing incoming bills involves more than just paying them; it's about verifying they're correct, deciding the best time to pay to keep cash flowing smoothly, and avoiding any mistakes that could lead to overpaying or strained supplier relationships. Many teams still process and pay their invoices by hand, which takes a lot of time and results in costly errors. 
  • Staying compliant and in control: Following the rules, including tax laws and accounting standards, is a must to avoid penalties. Good AP practices also include putting checks and balances in place to prevent errors and fraud, safeguarding your business's finances.
  • Prioritizing supplier relationships: A solid AP strategy will strengthen your ties with suppliers and often lead to more favorable payment terms and discounts. This is crucial for negotiating better deals and ensuring supply chain reliability. Unfortunately, many teams are so bogged down by manual AP processes, that they miss out on this opportunity. 

NetSuite and AP Automation: A Match Made in Payables Heaven

The best AP automation software links invoice and payment tracking directly to your accounting system, streamlining your data and slashing manual workloads. This integration is crucial—it ensures your financial data flows smoothly, boosts accuracy, and makes information instantly accessible.

Furthermore, this tight integration reduces costly processing errors. It takes the repetitive, error-prone tasks like data entry and invoice matching off your team's plate, streamlining your financial processes. 

This not only makes your workflow more efficient but also leverages the full power of your AP and ERP systems together. You'll see tighter bookkeeping, better cash flow, and smarter financial decisions—all from choosing the right AP automation solution.

Looking to learn more about which AP automation solutions work best for your NetSuite accounting system? Look no further! We’ll dive into it in the following sections.

Why This List? How We Picked the Top AP Automation Solutions for NetSuite

We've carefully ranked the top AP automation solutions for NetSuite users, focusing on what really matters: integration ease, feature richness, user feedback, and scalability. 

Our list is designed to help NetSuite users make a smart, informed choice that will strengthen their financial operations and enhance their overall business efficiency.

Top 5 Accounts Payable Automation Software for NetSuite Users

What is the Best AP Automation Software for NetSuite Users in 2024?

  1. Centime: Best overall solution for teams on NetSuite
  2. Tipalti: Best solution for teams with a lot of international payments
  3. Bill: Best solution for small teams with basic functionality
  4. MineralTree: Best solution for teams concerned about invoice capture accuracy
  5.  Stampli: Best solution for teams with advanced invoice processing needs

Centime: Best Overall Solution for Teams on NetSuite

Screenshot of Centime's website homepage

Centime's NetSuite’s integration revolutionizes accounts payable management by automating and optimizing the entire payables workflow from invoice to payment. It not only enables businesses to quickly capture invoices and automate data coding, it also expedites approvals, streamlining payment management and reconciliation effortlessly – all directly within NetSuite.

This powerful integration significantly reduces invoice processing costs, unlocks more visibility into the invoice lifecycle and improves supplier relationships. This leads to more strategic decision-making and drives business growth.

Did we also mention that Centime seamlessly blends with NetSuite, allowing users to manage their payables without ever stepping out of the NetSuite interface? Its native integration is unparalleled, solidifying its #1 slot on our list. This deep integration enhances both financial visibility, control and user experience, setting a new standard for what businesses should expect from an AP solution.

Key Features:

  • Embedded experience: As a SuiteApp built specifically for NetSuite, Centime lives directly within your NetSuite environment, eliminating the need to juggle between applications and logins.
  • Automated invoice processing: Centime streamlines your AP operations by automating invoice data entry and approvals, drastically reducing manual tasks and the potential for errors.
  • Real-time financial insights: Gain immediate access to critical financial data, enabling proactive cash flow management and strategic decision-making.
  • Advanced cash flow management tools: With features designed to enhance forecasting, budgeting, and payables management, Centime empowers businesses to optimize their financial operations effectively.
  • Seamless synchronization: Experience dependable and adaptable integration, with automatic syncs and the option for on-demand synchronization, ensuring your data is always current.
  • Intuitive approval workflows: Centime's sophisticated approval workflows guarantee that only verified invoices impact your general ledger, maintaining the integrity of your financial data.
  • Integration reliability: Users are promptly notified of any sync failures, along with straightforward solutions to address any issues, ensuring seamless continuity.


  • Native NetSuite integration: Enjoy seamless, two-way integration with your financial and general ledger data. The in-ERP experience means no more alt-tabbing between systems, streamlining your workflow.
  • Cost efficiency: Slash invoice processing costs by 70% and triple team productivity.
  • Maximize savings: Grab 97% of early payment discounts, dodge late fees, and earn lucrative rebates.
  • Informed decision making: Immediate access to financial insights aids in better, more informed business decisions.
  • Cash flow optimization: Centime comes with several tools that help predict and manage cash flow, which is a true game-changer for any business looking to grow.
  • Instant connectivity: Hook up to NetSuite in seconds using existing credentials and bring over three years of historical data
  • Data security: Centime's top-tier certifications keep your data protected around the clock.


  • No international payments: Centime doesn’t currently support transactions that involve foreign currency. If your team deals with a high volume of international transactions, then Centime may not be the best fit.  
  • Limited ERP compatibility: Centime exclusively integrates with Sage Intacct, QuickBooks, and NetSuite. Although, odds are you’re a NetSuite user if you’re reading this article so this shouldn’t be a problem. 


Centime offers customized pricing plans based on your annual invoice volume. The platform allows unlimited users with your subscription, doesn’t charge any payment fees, and has a best-in-class NPS.

G2 Customer Review of Centime

Tipalti: Best Solution for teams with a majority of international payments 

Screenshot of Tipalti website homepage

Tipalti elevates the AP process within NetSuite by automating a significant portion of the payables workload. Its real-time synchronization with NetSuite, including NetSuite OneWorld, ensures data accuracy and streamlines processes like reconciliation and general ledger reporting, ultimately speeding up invoice processing and financial closing. 

The platform's advanced sync logic ensures accurate data matching between NetSuite and Tipalti, eliminating the need for manual reconciliation. 

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive self-service supplier portal, which reduces vendor inquiries and streamlines communication.
  • Automated invoice management, including automated invoice capture, electronic invoice approval workflows, and duplicate invoice detection.
  • International payment support, in various currencies and methods.
  • Strong financial controls and robust security measures.
  • Advanced multi-entity capabilities for managing data and processes across various divisions.


  • Strong NetSuite integration: Tipalti has a tried and true integration with NetSuite. 
  • Efficiency and error reduction: Tipalti automates the majority of data entry and invoice approvals for users, significantly reducing manual tasks and potential errors.
  • Global payment capability: Businesses can easily make payments to international suppliers in various currencies and methods.
  • Financial controls and compliance: Tipalti strengthens financial controls and ensures compliance with multi-factor authentication and regulatory standards.


  • Slow fund transfers to Tipalti accounts: Users experience delays in transferring funds into Tipalti accounts, which ultimately slows down payments.
  • Basic, non-configurable reporting: Tipalti is limited in reporting capabilities, offering minimal customization options for businesses. 
  • Lengthy implementation and clunky UX: Tipalti requires a 2-3 month implementation period and suffers from clunky user experience as reported by users.


Tipalti typically offers customized pricing based on the volume of transactions, complexity of the AP processes, and specific business needs. 

G2 Customer Review of Tipalti Best solution for small teams with basic functionality

Screenshot of Bill.coms website homepage offers an AP automation solution that integrates closely with NetSuite, aiming to streamline accounts payable processes by automating invoice data capture, approvals, and payments. The platform supports various payment methods, including ACH, virtual cards, and international transfers. Its integration with NetSuite and other major accounting systems enhances data consistency and provides real-time financial insights.

While the software is praised for increasing efficiency and reducing the manual workload, is best for teams with very simple requirements and straightforward processes. Teams with more complex workflows and needs, would be smart to look elsewhere. 

Key Features:

  • Centralized AP inbox for managing documents.
  • Automatic and manual invoice data entry option with AI data capture capabilities.
  • Automated invoice approval workflows.
  • Robust security and internal controls, including a digital audit trail.


  • Built for micro-businesses: 95% of BILL's customers are micro-businesses with less than 10 employees, or small businesses that outsource finance and accounting to CPA firms. Is that you? If so, then BILL is the best solution for your business.
  • Strong NetSuite integration: BILL’s NetSuite integration automatically syncs data and posts to your general ledger. 
  • Simplify financial workflows: offers both AP and AR automation to help streamline your financial workflows on a single platform.


  • Payment holds impact cash flow: puts a 2-4 day hold on payments, locking up funds and affecting your cash flow management.  In fact, 13% of BILL's revenue comes from interest on their customers’ cash by slowing down payments to suppliers. Their financial gain from investing these funds contrasts starkly with the operational cash constraints it imposes on clients.
  • Misses the mark for mid-size needs: Mid-sized businesses, with their more complex and nuanced financial processes, find's lack of detailed entitlements and advanced cash management options a significant drawback.
  • Low-touch service and support: With a client base largely made up of small businesses,'s support system—which leans heavily on self-service resources—doesn't meet the personalized support expectations of mid-market clients. Just ask Erdman Holdings.

Pricing:'s accounts payable automation services are offered in two main pricing tiers for businesses. The Essentials Plan is priced at $45 per user per month and covers a range of features including manual accounting software integration, automated workflows, and multiple payment methods. The Team Plan, at $55 per user per month, expands on this by adding automatic syncing with certain accounting platforms and custom role creation.

G2 Customer Review of

MineralTree: Best solution for teams concerned about invoice capture accuracy rate

Screenshot of MineralTree's website homepage

In the world of AP automation solutions, MineralTree is a popular choice for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers a variety of features, such as invoice approval workflows and vendor management, that help automate and streamline the AP process.

However, while MineralTree has numerous strengths, such as a high invoice capture accuracy rate and strong customer service support, users often complain of drawbacks like an outdated design that weakens the overall user experience.

Key Features:

  • Risk and fraud protections: MineralTree offers segregation of duties and two-factor authentication to protect your funds. 
  • Flexible invoice coding: MineralTree offers both aggregate and line level coding for invoices. 
  • Invoice templates in NetSuite: Users can apply a template to an open bill in NetSuite to sync all amortization templates into MineralTree.
  • Automated PO matching. 
  • Custom fields and custom segments.


  • Embeds within NetSuite as a suite app.
  • Supports international payments and multiple currencies. 
  • 99.5% accuracy on invoice capture thanks to the combination of OCR and human review. 


  • Offshore coding with a mandatory 1-2 day turnaround time.
  • No centralized communication with vendors making vendor management a pain.
  • Slow data flow with NetSuite and Sage Intacct.
  • Limited cash flow management tools. 


MineralTree’s pricing varies heavily based on services and business size.

G2 Customer Review of MineralTree

Stampli: Best solution for teams

A screenshot of Stampli's website homepage

Stampli's AP automation tool for NetSuite centralizes invoice management, integrating communications, documentation, and workflows in one hub. It automates invoice capture and coding, streamlines approval processes, and employs AI through "Billy the Bot" to learn and adapt to a company's unique processes. 

This enhances efficiency and compliance while maintaining vendor relationships. Notable advantages include the provision of a transparent control system over AP processes and quick deployment with minimal training. However, drawbacks include its less advanced payment processing capabilities, varying integration quality across different ERPs, and a lack of cash management features. 

Key Features:

  • Centralized invoice management system. 
  • Automated invoice capture and coding, plus approval processes.
  • AI-powered assistance throughout the invoice lifecycle with Billy the Bot.
  • Features for managing vendor information and documentation.


  • Provides clear control and visibility into the entire AP process from a centralized platform.
  • AI-powered automation and smart learning capabilities to reduce manual intervention and improve efficiency.
  • Rapid deployment, typically measured in weeks rather than months, with minimal required training.


  • Limited payment capabilities: Stampli's strength lies in invoice processing, not payment execution, which is less comprehensive than competitors.
  • Inconsistent ERP integration quality: With over 70 ERP integrations, the functionality and integration depth with Stampli vary, requiring a closer look before fully committing.
  • Lacks cash management tools: Those needing advanced cash management and planning within the AP process will find Stampli lacking in this regard.
  • No forecasting tools: Stampli lacks forecasting capabilities, making it challenging to manage and extend payables effectively.
  • Hidden costs: When it comes to Stampli’s pricing, businesses encounter additional fees for users, integration, and payments, leading to unexpected costs.


Stampli doesn’t publicly share pricing information, but you can submit a request for pricing on their website.

G2 Customer Review of Stampli

How to Choose the Best Accounts Payable Software for NetSuite Users

Selecting the right AP automation software for your NetSuite ERP system can make or break your financial operations. Here are four steps to help guide you through this important decision:

  1. Identify your needs. Start by assessing the specific challenges you face with your current accounts payable processes. Consider which features would significantly improve your efficiency and accuracy. Identifying your needs will help you narrow down your choices to solutions that are tailored to your operational requirements.
  2. Evaluate integration depth. The integration capabilities of the AP automation software with NetSuite are paramount. Look for a solution that offers seamless integration to ensure real-time data synchronization and enhanced workflow efficiency. This will eliminate data silos and minimize errors, making your financial operations smoother and more reliable.
  3. Consider scalability. As your business grows, your financial operations will become more complex. Choose an AP automation solution that can scale with your business. This means it should be able to handle increasing transaction volumes and more complex financial management needs without compromising on performance or user experience.
  4. Review support and community. Access to robust customer support and a vibrant user community can greatly enhance your use of the AP automation software. Strong support can resolve technical issues swiftly, while an active community provides a platform to exchange insights and best practices. These resources are invaluable for maximizing the benefits of your chosen solution.
  5. Ask for case studies and references. Talk to your potential vendor and request case studies and customer references to see first-hand how their previous implementations have gone.

Conclude your selection process by trusting your gut feeling and taking the time to carefully weigh all your options. Remember that this choice is not just about solving current issues, but also about setting up your financial operations for future success.


In our roundup of the top five AP automation solutions for NetSuite users, we've highlighted how critical these tools are in streamlining financial operations. Each software brings its own strengths to the table within the NetSuite ecosystem, addressing various aspects of accounts payable to improve overall workflow efficiency.

Centime has been recognized among these solutions for its robust feature set and its seamless integration with NetSuite, which aligns with many user experiences reported for successful deployment and utilization. As with any technology choice, the best fit depends on specific business needs and goals. It's evident that, when selected thoughtfully, the right AP automation software can significantly impact a company's financial management effectiveness.