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Manage Risk and Maximize Yield with Centime Checking Plus

Mitigate the risk of bank failure with a high-yield sweep account that automatically diversifies and insures your deposits.

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Business Banking FAQs

What is a high-yield sweep account?

A high-yield sweep account is a financial tool that allows small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to optimize their cash management. The account automatically transfers excess funds from a business’s checking account into an interest-earning account, such as a money market fund or a short-term investment. This process helps businesses earn higher interest rates on their idle funds while still ensuring liquidity and easy access to the money when needed. A high-yield sweep account is a smart way to earn more on your cash reserves without compromising your financial flexibility.

How can I earn interest on my checking balances?

Centime's high-yield checking account automatically transfers excess funds into a  high-yield sweep account.  This lets you earn interest on idle cash while maintaining liquidity and easy access to your money.

Why is it important to diversify deposits?

Diversifying deposits is crucial for businesses to spread risk across multiple banks, ensuring enhanced financial security and protection against potential bank failures. By having funds in different FDIC-insured accounts, businesses can mitigate the impact of unforeseen circumstances and maintain liquidity for their operations.

What does Centime’s high yield checking account offer?

Centime Checking Plus allows SMBs to enjoy high yield interest rates, without any access or transfer restrictions. Moreover, there are no limits on account-to-account transfers, ensuring your funds remain accessible at all times, without any lock-in periods. With Centime Checking Plus, SMBs can optimize their cash management and earn more on their checking balances with ease.

Is my account FDIC-insured?

Yes! With Centime Checking Plus, you get enhanced deposit protection beyond the standard $250,000 FDIC limit. We diversify your deposits across a network of FDIC-insured banks, adding a layer of security to safeguard your business funds and provide peace of mind for your team.

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