Rapid Invoice Coding

Unleash the Power of AI with Centime’s Rapid Invoice Coding for Accounts Payable

In the world of accounts payable, coding invoices is time-consuming, repetitive, and demands an eagle-eye for accuracy. The pain amplifies with increasing invoice volume, larger invoices, and more complex coding requirements. Centime’s rapid invoice coding feature revolutionizes the experience for finance teams.

Accounts Receivable Automation

Capture and Identify

Automatically capture essential fields, and easily identify the correct supplier from your General Ledger.

Accounts Payable Automation

Predictive Coding

Leverage captured data to predict header and line-level coding based on historical invoices from the same supplier. The AI learns and adapts, improving accuracy over time.

Cash FlowForecasting

Powerful UX

Maintain control. Our user-friendly interface allows you to manually code when needed.

Cash Reporting and KPIs

Transparency is Key

The Centime UI clearly identifies and explains predicted values, allowing easy user review when needed.

Working Capital Credit Line and Credit Cards

Improved Accuracy Over Time

Emphasizing accuracy, our system evolves with each manual entry, ensuring your coding becomes more precise over time.

Top-Rated AR Automation Software

John Eckman

John Eckman


Our collections effectiveness has skyrocketed with Centime. Not only do we collect 92% of payments on time now, but when customers pay late, it is on average by just seven days.

Todd Murphy


Centime creates a simple and easy way for me to review my cash and finances. I can log in, see my dashboard and quickly identify the actions I need to take.

Chris Sands

Chris Sands


We've never had cash-related metrics in this much depth and detail. It is incredible to have these insights into future performance, while also understanding how we have.

Nick Ashley

Nick Ashley

Manager, FP&A at Abacus Insights

Centime is great. It’s a one stop shop for AP, AR, KPIs and my personal favorite, cash flow forecasting.

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