Exploring AP and AR Automation: Key Trends, Requirements, and Pitfalls to Avoid

September 18, 2023
2:00 PM EDT
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In an evolving financial landscape, finance leaders and departments across the globe are swiftly transitioning towards digitizing crucial processes, with accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) at the forefront. The advantages of such a shift are indisputable - yielding better cash flow, more efficiencies, and stronger financial controls. But how are these contemporary solutions taking shape, and what are the prevailing trends in this rapidly expanding field?

This insightful webinar featuring BC Krishna, Founder and CEO of Centime, and Ken Suchoski, Payments and Fintech Equity Research Analyst at Autonomous Research, will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the essential features of modern AP and AR automation solutions.
  • Criteria to evaluate if market providers can meet your specific business needs and budget parameters, including methods to substantiate the return on investment (ROI) of AP and AR solutions.
  • Insights into the latest trends within AP and AR solutions, along with practical advice to sidestep common pitfalls.


Stay ahead of the curve by gaining deep insights into the digital transformation of finance, and equip yourself with the knowledge to drive your business forward.

Presented by

BC Krishna

Founder and CEO, Centime
Ken Suchoski

Ken Suchoski

Payments and Fintech Equity Research Analyst, Autonomous Research