Stop Leaving Cash on the Table: The CFO's Guide to Unlocking Cash with Smarter Accounts Receivable

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We all know that cash is the lifeblood of businesses, and amid unstable economic conditions, right now smart finance professionals are cutting costs and looking for ways to optimize working capital. But even the savviest CFOs often overlook one of the most powerful tools for boosting working capital — automating accounts receivable. 

Modern solutions for automating AR go beyond basic operational efficiency gains (though those are helpful too). Adopting a comprehensive cash management strategy with accounts receivable automation can actually help businesses unlock working capital and get the cash they need to survive and thrive.

Financial experts BC Krishna of Centime, and Bart Davis of 512 Financial share:

  • Why automating AR is mission critical for optimizing cash flow, and how AR fits into a comprehensive cash management strategy
  • Which KPIs you should measure to ensure healthy cash flow, and how to track them
  • Real-life success stories from small businesses who dramatically improved cash KPIs by optimizing AR
  • Actionable steps you can take today to streamline collections and unlock cash like never before

Presented by

BC Krishna

CEO and Founder, Centime
Bart Davis

Bart Davis

CEO and Co-Founder, 512 Financial