Centime Launches Autopay: A Leap Forward in AR Automation

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At Centime, we're thrilled to announce the launch of Autopay, a pivotal feature within our Accounts Receivable module that's set to revolutionize the way our clients manage their collections.

Autopay: Simplicity Meets Efficiency

Autopay transforms the tedium of traditional collections into a streamlined, automated process. Here's how it simplifies life for our clients:

  • Simple Enrollment: Invite your customers to enroll via email. The process is as easy as clicking a link—no login necessary.
  • Customer Controls: Enable your customers to manage their payment methods, select their default payment date, and take advantage of early pay discounts.
  • Predictability and Speed: Once set up, invoices are automatically paid on their due date, freeing you from the hassle of manual payment reminder follow-ups.

Why Businesses Love Autopay

  • No More Cash Flow Guesswork: Timely, automatic payments means your businesses can plan their financial future with confidence.
  • Liberate Your Team: Say goodbye to the days spent chasing payments. Your team can now focus on what really matters—growing the business.
  • Drastically Reduce Risks: The worry of late or unpaid invoices becomes a thing of the past with Autopay.
  • A Breeze for Customers: Customers won't have to remember payment deadlines anymore, enhancing their overall payment experience.
  • Stay Ahead: In an ever-changing digital world, Autopay is the competitive edge that keeps businesses ahead.

What's Included in Centime's Autopay

Autopay is part of your base subscription to Centime's AR module—no additional fees. It's available to all current and future AR customers, with continuous updates to make it even better.

Getting Started with Autopay

Integrating Autopay into your collections process is a cinch. Here’s a sneak peek at what the implementation journey looks like:

  1. Invite with Ease: Segment your customers and send out autopay enrollment invitations.
  2. Empower Your Customers: Customers can easily enroll in autopay through the link or log in to their portal directly to manage their payment preferences.
  3. Enjoy Automatic Payments: Once set up, invoices will be automatically paid on their due dates, and your customers can adjust settings as needed.

The Bottom Line

As we roll out Autopay, we're thrilled to help our clients:

  • Effortlessly streamline collections
  • Save countless hours on overdue payment follow-ups
  • Enjoy on-time payments with more predictability
  • Ease cash flow concerns
  • Reduce the receivables cycle and shrink DSOs

Get ready to experience unparalleled efficiency with Centime's Autopay—where we not only envision a world of streamlined collections but make it a reality.

Click the banner below to explore Centime and see the platform in action. 

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