Automate Accounts Receivable: Delight Customers, Collect Faster, and Boost Working Capital

Tune in to learn how AR automation can transform your collections process, improve cash management, and delight your customers.


12:00 PM EST

Automate Accounts Receivable: Delight Customers, Collect Faster, and Boost Working Capital

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Your customers pay late. They just do. According to a recent QuickBooks survey mid-market businesses were, on average, each owed a whopping $300,000 in late payments. Is your accounts receivable team manually chasing late payments and struggling to keep up with collections as your company grows? 

Accounts receivable automation can help. And new solutions can help you raise your AR game to be customer friendly and business strategic.


So put away that spreadsheet and watch this essential webinar with BC Krishna, CEO and Founder of Centime. Discover how modern AR solutions can help you delight your customers, get paid on time, go home early, and sleep well at night. 

Topics we cover:

  • AR Automation is not just about collections. AR is an essential part of a company’s cash management strategy. Learn how AR fits into a company’s overall cash control life cycle, and complements other critical processes like cash forecasting and accounts payable.
  • Delight your customers: Customers don’t want to be hounded with phone calls and emails about past due invoices! Learn about how a proactive approach to managing customer relationships can make every interaction positive and fulfilling.
  • The AR market map: Explore the current landscape of AR automation solutions to find your Goldilocks zone – which solution works best for your company?
  • AR Automation in action: Take a journey with a product expert to experience what a modern AR automation solution can do to automate the process – from presenting invoices to managing collections to getting paid to applying cash against open receivables.

This webinar is designed to help you learn how to transform your AR processes, making your finance team more productive, efficient, strategic, and yes – glamorous! You will not regret the time spent on this invigorating session.

Presented by

BC Krishna

CEO & Founder, Centime