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Cash Management & Diversification Strategies in the Wake of SVB Failure

Lessons from SVB: What CFOs Can Do to Diversify and Mitigate Risk


12 Apr,  2023

60 mins duration

BC Krishna Chris Sands David Cota
Centime, Inc.
Executive Vice President
First National Bank of Omaha

In the wake of the Silicon Valley Bankcollapse, CFOs at small-to-mid-size businesses are carefully re-evaluating their strategies for managing cash, and taking steps to mitigate risk. As Myomo CFO David Henry recently told The Wall Street Journal, “The big lesson [from SVB] is that you can’t assume that a bank is too big to fail. You have to be in position to have your cash as diversified as you can.”

And while diversifying cash accounts is ideal in theory, in practice it can be complex, unwieldy, and inconvenient to manage without the right strategies and solutions in place. To help you unpack it all, we’ve assembled a panel of financial experts to give you actionable strategies for cash management that you can put in place right away to ensure your cash is protected without compromising on convenience, liquidity, or return.

Join BC Krishna, CEO and Founder of Centime, Chris Sands, CFO, IntelyCare and Dave Cota, Executive Vice President, First National Bank of Omaha for and interactive Q&A session.

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