Top Payments Analyst Robert Solomon Reports Launch of Centime

Bob Solomon, founder and president at Software Platform Consulting, Inc. (SPCI), homes in on how Centime can enhance cash flow control for small and mid-sized businesses in a new post.

He connects with the needs — and stressors — of finance managers when he writes: “Centime bundles in one place functionality that, until now, I would have to piecemeal together. This would take time and mean complexity.”

“A small or medium-sized company can piece this kind of solution together, but most don’t have the time or inclination to deal with the resulting complexity. Centime puts the pieces in a neat little box,” Solomon continues, describing how Centime picks up where General Ledger applications such as QuickBooks reach their functional limits.

In what he aptly describes as “the great convergence,” Solomon taps into the true power of Centime — it’s ability to integrate payables, receivables and instantly accessible credit in an elegant and well supported solution, whereas competing solutions do not link the varied processes.

As Solomon says: “I need not tell you that cash flow is the lifeblood, and the leading cause of death, among small businesses!”

Read his full piece here.

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