Payments Journal: Centime ‘Is Providing Better Cash Flow Options to Companies in the SMB Segment’

At Payments Journal, Steve Murphy reported on the trouble small and mid-sized businesses have had with cash flow, particularly in the context of the Covid pandemic. Citing Centime’s recently announced partnership with Visa, he wrote that the “innovation train just keeps rolling” in the B2B payments space.

“Maintaining adequate levels of liquidity […] has been especially punishing during the pandemic,” Murphy wrote. “So new entries like Centime are creating ways to improve cash visibility, provide speedier execution in financial operations and easier access to credit where needed.”

Murphy pointed to a recent report by the Mercator Advisory Group, where he serves as director of the Commercial and Enterprise Payments Advisory Service. In the introduction to 14-page report, titled “Improving Cash Cycle Management Is a Key to Corporate Stability” and available here, Murphy wrote: “Banks and other technology solution providers should be seeking to capitalize on these critical financial process needs by providing capabilities that require fewer client company resources to launch and support.”

Speaking to Centime CEO and founder BC Krishna indicated to Murphy that our solution has a “unique approach to the glaring cash flow issues faced by SMBs.”

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