Love at First Sight: Sage Intacct & Centime for All-in-One Cash Management

Discover how Centime's integration with Sage Intacct revolutionizes cash management for businesses...


1:00 PM ET

Love at First Sight: Sage Intacct & Centime for All-in-One Cash Management

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Calling all Sage Intacct Users! This Valentine's Day, we're helping you reignite the spark with your business financials. Centime is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Sage Intacct, marking the beginning of a transformative integration designed to help small-to-midsize businesses master their cash flow.

Join us on Tuesday, February 13th at 1:00 PM ET, where we'll unveil how Centime's seamless integration with Sage Intacct is the match made in heaven for your finance team.

What's in Store for You?

  • Discover Love at First Sync: Explore how the seamless integration between Sage Intacct and Centime brings together the best of both worlds for a comprehensive cash management solution.
  • Rev Up Your Receivables: Learn innovative strategies to speed up collections so that receivables management becomes a breeze rather than a headache.
  • Cherish Your Payables: Uncover advanced methods to optimize your payables, ensuring you pay smart and stay in love with your cash flow management.
  • Forecast Your Financial Future: Embrace advanced forecasting techniques to predict cash flow, plan for the future, and keep your business thriving and scaling.
  • Unlock the Power of Credit: Find out how to use credit wisely as a strategic tool for growth, ensuring your business has the capital it needs when it needs it.

Secure your spot today for an enlightening session on how to elevate your cash flow management with newfound efficiency and precision.

Cheers to a prosperous partnership and financial success! 🚀🚀🚀

Presented by

BC Krishna

CEO & Founder, Centime
Sophia Yu

Sophia Yu

Customer Success Manager, Centime