Late Payments Can Sink Businesses

A cash flow forecasting solution can help

Centime’s strategic partner, First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO), will host a webinar in October on cash flow management.

Ahead of the event, FNBO Director of Product Management, Matt Carrico wrote about the damage late payments can cause businesses.

“Companies rely on the cash flow from incoming payments to meet liabilities and cover operating expenses. Yet for 47% of businesses, the number of late payments is increasing, interrupting the flow of cash and impeding the organization’s ability to meet its own financial obligations.

The good news is that technology is making it easier than ever to manage the impact of late payments. A well-rounded forecasting solution can identify gaps in cash flow, offering better financial management and liquidity,” Carrico wrote.

Read his full post, titled, “Late payments can sink businesses — a cash flow forecasting solution can help,” here.

Visit FNBO’s website to get started today.

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