New: Centime Cash Flow Control

As Centime's full solution launches, we thank all those who made it possible

True disruptions trigger tremendous innovation. The last two-plus years have seen a global pandemic upend lives and dramatically alter patterns of economic globalization, inflation and conflict cast further uncertainty marked a period of growth and learning.

That learning – about how we work, what our clients need, how we can best serve – has been hard won, with dogs barking in the background of Zoom calls and absences due to illness. Somehow, though, through a kind of unsquashable start-up chemistry, Centime came together. Our “Centeam” bonded, we connected at a very deep and trusting level with our Early Access Program (EAP) clients and we collaborated in myriad ways with our strategic bank partner, FNBO. And what we’ve achieved is truly remarkable.

Now, I’m proud and humbled to unveil what more than 150 people have been tirelessly working to deliver to our current — and future — clients. A solution that can transform businesses' approach to cash flow, thus preserving their viability and furthermore, giving them the visibility and forecasting ability they need to truly control their cash in a manageable way day-to-day.

We envisioned Centime Cash Flow Control as a way to empower small and mid-sized businesses to manage cash the way their larger, enterprise counterparts do. But in conversations with friends and colleagues, it’s become clear that even large businesses struggle to manage cash in an efficient, accurate and timely manner. The problem is real, and it’s complex. It hasn’t been a simple project — and it’s been more than two years in the making.

As piece by piece, our cash flow puzzle has come together, I want to thank the Early Access Program  clients who nudged, challenged and guided us to improve our product. I want to tip my hat to our partners at the First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) who have navigated the many rules and regulations of the banking world to ensure our compliance and complementary service to their own customers, to whom they were so generous in introducing us. And I want to thank the engineers, designers, customer success and finance professionals who have diligently and with admirable cooperation across time zones and cultures put their heart into this solution.

We hope you will give us a try — and continue to tell us where we can continue to iterate and improve.

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