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Centime is Built for Banks
David Cota
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As bankers we recognize the need to play a greater role in our clients’ cash control lifecycle. We think that Centime helps us do that with an easy to use solution meant for small and mid-sized businesses that includes the proven cash control practices employed by larger enterprises.

David Cota
Executive vice president, Customer Business Segment, First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO)
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Put your bank at the center of your customers' cash lifecycle

Become a true partner to your customers, and deepen your relationships to become part of their key cash flow decisions. Offer advisory services to help them run their business well.

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Solve a critical problem for your customers AND help them thrive

A comprehensive approach that starts with a robust cash flow forecast and then employs related and integrated components that ensure businesses can get paid faster, pay smarter, and easily tap into credit when they need to

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Strengthen and deepen your customer relationships

Empower relationship managers, treasury sales officers, business banking professionals to engage with customers in a personalized, hyper-relevant way

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Complement and strengthen your treasury and commercial card products

Improve the performance and scope of your current products, while increasing your leverage.

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Secure and expand your revenue

Drive primacy, grow deposits, generate fee income, and avoid disintermediation. Expand credit distribution.

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See who and when you have to pay, and drill down to determine how to do so in the best way

View all invoices in aggregate, and simply filter and navigate to detailed views that help you see how AP affects future cash flows and other aspects of your financials.

Carrie Zoucha
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Every bank faces the same constraints that we do. Don’t pass up the opportunity to offer this great solution to an obvious problem that your clients face. Talk to Centime!

Carrie Zoucha
VP of commercial payments, FNBO
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Partnering is easy



Realize rapid time to value with select customers



Expand in the way that makes the most sense for your bank and its customers



Our engagement model was made with you in mind.

Partnering is easy