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Is a Credit Crunch Coming? How CFOs at Small-to-Midsize Businesses Should Prepare


May 23,  2023

60 mins duration

BC Krishna

Chris Sands

Carrie Zoucha

Philip Pilkington

Centime, Inc.



VP, Commercial Payments


Macroeconomist & Investment


Our panel of financial experts weigh in with actionable tips for
securing working capital, optimizing cash flow, and preparing for choppy financial waters ahead.

In light of recent turmoil in the banking industry, top investment experts like David Roche (who accurately predicted the 2008 financial crisis) are warning that a credit crunch is on the horizon. Experts predict that a squeeze on lending could have major implications for small-to-medium sized businesses in particular, so now is the time to take steps to mitigate your risk and prepare for choppy economic waters ahead. 

We’ve re-assembled our panel of fan-favorite experts to help you navigate the uncertainty by unpacking their predictions for what’s to come, and providing actionable tips for how to prepare. 

Watch this interactive Q&A session where our top financial and banking experts discuss: 

  • Is a credit crunch inevitable? Hear data-backed perspectives from our panel on the signs pointing toward a crunch
  • What can CFOs do to prepare? Get tips for controlling cash and making the most of every dollar amid a squeeze
  • How to forecast inflows and outflows and plan for uncertain economic scenarios
  • Banking solutions that can help you secure working capital, get higher yield, and mitigate risk of bank failure
  • Audience Q+A - we’ll take your questions live!

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