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Connect. Analyze. Control.

Supported Accounting Systems

Connect in seconds

No long implementations required to get started. You can connect yourself using your existing General Ledger credentials. Confirm and go.

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Keep your data safe and secure

You've worked hard to build your business. Centime is committed to helping you protect it with bank-level security. Plus, our permissions allow your team to access key financial data that is pertinent to their role without needing to access to your General Ledger.

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Transform your financial data into actionable business insights

Shape your cash flow processes with data driven insights and analysis of your core financial records.

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Stay in sync, gain control

Keep you General Ledger up to date with automated payment posting, reducing the time and potential for errors.

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Centime x General Ledgers

Centime makes your General Ledger stronger - providing insights and tools that help you control and manage cash flow.

Centime x QuickBooks

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
Why do I need to connect to the General Ledger?

Your General Ledger is your financial system of record, and contains data that are critical to support the cash flow control functions within Centime. Centime accesses data in the General Ledger to create accurate forecasts, and support AP and AR processes.

What data do you receive from my General Ledger?

We access data needed to support cash flow control functions, and includes the chart of accounts, invoices and bills, vendors and customers, cash inflow and outflow transactions.

What data do you post to my General Ledger?

We post transactions associated with payments made and received.